Property Management Professionals

Bella Investment Group, LLC knows how important it is to know your assets are in the right management hands. Our extensive experience as Owner/Managers gives us a unique perspective on what Owners want and need from their property management company.

Residential Property Management

Led by Principals, Amy Smith Montoya and Gina Picicci, we are committed to adding value to your residential projects through a commitment to supply a well-trained staff, clear and complete analytics. Our experience with communities appealing to all resident profiles clearly puts us in a position to increase occupancy and drive profits.

In addition, we have experience in bidding and coordinating a wide array of capital improvement projects ranging from annual improvement maintenance to the addition and installation of new amenities and unit upgrades.

Finally, we can provide asset management services including coordinating financing, tax appeal evaluation and some tax planning.


See what our Investors have to say:

  • "As an owner of several large multifamily residential properties, it is...reassuring to have them managed by Bella."
  • "Bella's leadership has always been true to putting a high priority on the interests of their employees."
  • "Thank you Bella Investment Group for making ownership easy."
  • "What has always impressed me about Bella Investment is the care and consideration they afford their employees."
  • "I have to complement the staff...I've been doing this a very long's very hard to find great people."