About Bella Investment Group


Our vision is to be a growing and financially sound company by serving our stakeholders through operational excellence, team cohesiveness and leadership by example.


Our mission is to ADD VALUE to our team, residents, investors and the communities we serve.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY by adhering to a firm code of ethics through honesty, diligence and accountability.
  • INNOVATION, by creating opportunities, for change and creativity to enhance the development of our assets; the greatest of which is our people.
  • EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE by conducting ourselves with professionalism and efficiency, not forgetting empathy and authenticity, in all our interactions with our stakeholders.
  • INTENTIONAL GROWTH by creating strategic opportunities for growth, connection and fun; knowing these are the paths to success for ourselves and our teammates.
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP by cultivating a humble heart and recognizing we are stewards of the communities that we manage and the people whom we lead.