Bella Initiative of Grace Fund​​​​​

At Bella Investment Group we believe that generosity is compelling and contagious. We want to join our team members in being generous with organizations that help extend grace to those in need especially in the areas of poverty, health and housing. The Bella Initiative of Grace (BiG) Fund exists to extend the God-given grace we receive as we seek to “love our neighbor” through the financial support of organizations seeking to improve the health and safety of those most in need of an advocate.

What makes an organization a good fit for the Bella Initiative of Grace? The organization should serve one of the following causes in helping the underserved:

  • Education
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Basic Essentials
  • Trafficking
  • Health

Letters of Thanks

"We are so appreciative of Bella Investment Group’s investment in Cancer Support Community Arizona. As a result of your gift, many lives touched by cancer will receive social and emotional support​."

-- Leanne, CSCAZ

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